New York Trip 8-2-12 to 8-6-12

Took my first trip to NY city in August.  We arrived, rested, then took the train to Lincoln Center to go to Dizzy's Club Coca Cola.  Had the opportunity to sing there with good friend Johnny O'Neal and met several singers who were extremely kind and gracious, Briana Thomas, Marianne Solivan, Daralyn Jay, Nancy Harms. 

Friday night we took the train to Lenox & 125 so I could do a short gig at the Lenox Lounge with drummer Greg Bandy, another good friend who is from Cleveland.  Greg has been known for years at the "Mayor" of Harlem even though he is not in politics (lol).

Saturday night I sang a couple tunes at Smoke. 

Sunday I watched the Singers Set from Small's Jazz Club that is streamed to the internet.  We then took the train to Small's where I also had the opportunity to sing for the patrons there during Johnny's show.

All in all, had a great time and kept my Facebook friends posted about my activities.  It was great, and I noticed when I returned home and went online to FB, I had quite a few friend requests from people I had just met in NY. It's true you are the city that never sleeps.  Thank God for my 5-Hour Energy Drinks.


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