JazzKeepers Photo Shoot

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Area jazz artists gather for photo shoot

“Countless jazz performers continuously dedicate their souls in an effort to keep vintage jazz alive.  They are the true heroes who consistently reinforce the importance of jazz as they perform within communities throughout this nation.  Their appreciation and commitment have enabled us to keep vintage jazz a part of American culture and a mainstay in today’s contemporary music environment.”  They are the Jazzkeepers, asdefined by Cleveland jazz promoter Greg L. Reese in his bookJazzKeepers, A Pictorial Tribute & Memoir”  

Toledo’s JazzKeepers will gather on the steps of the Toledo Museum of Art Sunday, August 29, 2010 @ 2:00 p.m.  Joining them will be some of their peers from the area’s jazz corridor  – Bowling Green, Ann Arbor, Toledo, Detroit and Cleveland.  Those who are known by other JazzKeepers to fit the description given above are invited to join us for this history-making event.

There will be a master photo taken of everyone, then small group shots of singers, bassists, pianists/keyboardists, horn players, drummers, etc. Artists may bring their instruments to use as a prop or to play later at the after-set @ Pam's Corner, 116-10th Street.   Award-winning photographer Grover Cummings is the official photograher for this will conduct the shoot.

Immediately following the photo shoot, participants will stop by Pam’s Corner at 116-10th St. in downtown Toledo to network and maybe even play a tune or two.  It will be a great reunion!


Ramona Collins, Organizer & Chair

JazzKeepers Photo Shoot



Kim Buehler, Committee Co-Chair

Keith Bernard, Committee Co-Chair  

Brenda Riggins, Committee Co-Chair 

For more information, please call 419 297-9856, 419 536-7172 or 419 283-8226


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